The Main Line Symphony Orchestra sincerely appreciates the support of the following sponsors and individual contributors.

Conductor's Circle

  • Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cooper
  • Larry & Ann Einhorn
  • Mrs. Raymond Fields
  • Jim Gicking & Leigh Anne Smith
  • Judith Golden and Robert Handler
  • Jean & Kert Kadyk
  • Marina Ketterman
  • Marjorie L. Miller
  • Henry & Yumi Scott
  • Dolores J. Little Shaw
  • Larry & Zoray Spielvogel


  • Mrs. & Mrs. Wm Bondinell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anton Dreslin
  • Richard and Maria Ellis
  • Harry C. Garber
  • Tim & Jackie Janusz
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Nigro
  • Lynne Schoonmaker


  • Fred & Michaelene Alston
  • Michael Antioquia
  • Dr. Jean Bennett
  • Maria F. Brooks
  • Ellen Buerklin
  • Fronefield Crawford Jr.
  • Scott Cullen
  • Lisa and Rich DeAngelis
  • Douglas Eschbach
  • Ruth Gierra
  • Elizabeth and Greg Grimshaw
  • Emily Hanes
  • Nick Jones
  • Sandra and Bob Karger
  • Marie H. Lambeck
  • Elizabeth Latimer Miller
  • Kim Newell
  • Rev. & Mrs. Ronald E. Schlosser
  • Diane Sirull
  • Jenepher P. Shillingford
  • Michael and Linda Trebing
  • Beth Vilsmeier
  • John and Erlis Wickersham


  • Lois I. Mamourian
  • Michael Mudry

Donations made in Memory of Dr. Raymond Fields

  • Salvatore and Linda Alfano
  • John and Gerrie Cahoon
  • Rosemary Capirchio
  • Daniel and Michele DiNapoli
  • William Doviak and Kathleen McDermott
  • Cynthia Fields
  • Mrs. Raymond Fields
  • Thomas Fields
  • Jim Gicking and Leigh Anne Smith
  • Liz and Greg Grimshaw
  • Robert and Christine Hilgen
  • Michael and Sandy Homel
  • Sharon and Gerald Kline
  • David Koch
  • Raymond and Marybeth Leary
  • Richard and Patricia Linton
  • David and Janet Martin
  • Thomas and Janice McKerney
  • Harold and Carol Mitchener
  • Susan Pippin
  • Angeline M. Romanowski
  • Henry and Yumi Scott
  • Russell and Sue Ellen Scott
  • Nancy M. Smith
  • John L. and Bernice Strain
  • Vanessa Taylor
  • B. and M. Uhrich
  • Scott and Alice Uhrich
  • Members of Main Line Symphony Orchestra

We welcome corporate contributions and recognize any corporate sponsors prominently in our program and website. We will cross-link to your website when you subscribe at the Grantor level or if your site cross-links to ours. To become a corporate sponsor, please contact us at mlso.alert@gmail.com. Below you will find the list of corporate sponsorship levels and individual sponsorship levels.

Corporate Grantor $500
Corporate Subscriber $250
Corporate Sponsor $150

If you would like to make an individual contribution, please visit our Tickets page.